We are people of craft.


Our shop was built by the hands of our friends who are artists, wood-workers, builders, and dreamers.

At the heart of what we do is the desire to provide a space where people can feel seen and known. Those people include each and every customer that walks through the door, all of the farmers and producers who grow our wonderful ingredients, and every member of our staff. We hope that our desire for excellence in what we do is always matched with the desire to love people well.

We craft each drink with intention of putting a smile on your face, and joy in your heart. Each one of our baristas knows how much enjoyment a great cup of coffee can bring and we have that in mind with every drink and pastry we serve, truly!

Our food is thoughtfully crafted in house, every day. Our chef and bakers use quality seasonal and local ingredients and come up with some of the most creative and delicious baked goods and comfort foods you'll find anywhere in Portland.